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Image by Markus Spiske

Work hard,train hard,
achieve your goals

Some reasons why working with a coach can be a good idea:

1. Your training will be structured appropriately

2. You focus all your mental energy on challenging yourself and moving towards your goals

3. A coach will offer you constant motivation, knowledge and discipline

4. You will make fewer mistakes and learn more efficiently

5. You will reach your goals faster


1. Plans are focused on targeting basic and advanced abilities depending on the athlete's fitness level, race history and race requirements.

2. Plans can be yearly or seasonal based on the athlete's goals and number of races. The training period is divided into multi-week cycles to first target basic abilities and limitations, then to transition to advanced abilities required for the specific race. 

3. During the week, the volume, intensity and frequency of the discipline specific workouts are designed based on the athlete's availability and specific duration of the race. Strengthening workouts include injury prevention exercises informed by the individual’s functional assessment and history of injury. 


4. Sessions with the coach will be conducted via phone or video call twice a week for the first month and once a week thereafter. Text Messages are welcome as needed.


5. Data reviews will happen weekly. Workout modifications can be implemented by the coach every two weeks if needed. These adjustments will be based on the athlete’s level of fatigue, training period, ongoing performance testing and race goal.


6. Nutrition information and guidance for optimal training and race performance are also provided.

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