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Hi Hector. As you know I’ve increased my running a lot (for me, anyway), and while I had been able to get 3 sometimes 4 runs in per week for a few weeks in a row (reaching about 25 miles a week, with a combo of some speed work and longer runs of about 7 miles) I was noticing soreness and some pain on the outside of one of my hips. Noticing that, I tried to be somewhat proactive and put ice packs on the area, either after running, or on a day when I was planning to run while I was at work. Well, my efforts to minimize it have failed: last night I tried to go for a run and got about .8 miles into it before I was feeling excruciating pain in that area which I guess is where the IT band and the TFL are connected and overlap. What course of action do you suggest I follow to resolve this pain? I hope I haven’t torn something. It doesn’t feel so bad that I feel like I can’t swim — I plan to swim today — but I don‘t think I can/should run again until I get the pain in the area to subside. -Tony


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